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Dear Colleagues

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm and support. My staff have been inundated with emails requesting the materials.

The NARCC team is attempting to produce a research monograph on the material which will be completed very soon. We will attempt to have an electronic version and will email you those once it is ready.

We appreciate the support and patience.


Dr Amer Siddiq (June 2012)

Scientific Committee KLNAS 2012 


Postgraduate studies

Topic: Invitation to do postgraduate thesis and research project in addiction


Dear Colleagues and students,


University Malaya Centre of Addiction Sciences (UMCAS) is a newly formed center of research under the Health and Translational Medicine (HTM) Cluster of University Malaya.


 We are a group of clinicians of various disciplines including medicine, dentistry and clinical psychology. However we have collaborators in other disciplines like pharmacology, science and the humanities. We also collaborate with other research centres within UM like CeRiA and outside the university eg. INFORRM (USM), National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA).


We would like to invite interested colleagues and students who would like to do research in addiction in Malaysia to join us. At present we are active in these fields of research;


1.      Nicotine dependence

2.      Heroin dependence

3.      Amphetamine/Stimulant dependence

4.      Alcohol dependence

5.      Prison related addiction issues

6.      Spirituality and addiction

7.      Culture and addiction

8.      Behavioral addiction eg. Pathological gambling, internet addiction

9.      Treatment Modalities in Addiction

10.  Public Health and Policy Aspects in Addiction

11.  Harm Reduction


Supervisors can be reviewed with their respective CV at our website under the members section


Colleagues and students who are interested can either contact us individually for an appointment or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.


Information on the group and its activities can also be found in our website


Thank you.


Prof Mohd Hussain Habil

Director UMCAS


UMCAS Launch TV Clip

UMCAS launch TV clip from TV3.




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UMCAS is trying to reach out to as many of you who are interested and concerned with the addiction happenings in the country. We have officially launch our blog at This blog project is for us and all of you to pen down your opinions on the addiction happenings in the country. We hope to have a fruitful discussion on this subject.

 The management UMCAS

Last Updated on Sunday, 20 December 2009 18:45


  1. Clinical Services including heroin addiction treatment services, smoking cessation treatment services.
  2. Scientific Studies such as methadone, buprenorphine, alcohol, nicotine and other stimulants studies.
  3. Community Interventions such as Pilot MMT Program in Malaysian Prisons and AADK Aftercare centre, Hospital Based Smoking Cessation Program, Smoke/Drug Free Workplace Program
  4. Technology and Innovation, for example, Management protocols and models for various substance dependence treatment, rating scales development and validation studies in addiction fields, discovery of new drugs for addiction treatment.
  5. Training programs in addiction fields for undergraduate and post-graduates students, general practitioners, police dept, AADK, prison dept, and NGOs.
  6. Information technology and Innovations including database development, bio-informatics and registration protocols.
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