Fellowship in Addiction Medicine
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Outline Course Details

The Fellowship in Addiction Medicine programme started in January 2010.

 It’s offered the best combination between lecturing, theory and actual practical activities in this programme.

To preserve the quality of the courses, only limited seat available for each intake. This is an excellent opportunity to all participants mastering the complex addiction science within reasonable time frame and fees.





1) Lectures

a)        Presentation of country report

b)        Drug policy and treatment the Malaysia approach

c)         Relapse prevention and Motivational enhancement therapy

d)        Harm reduction and maintenance therapy

e)         Psychopharmacology of drug addiction which include pharmacokinetics and toxicology studies



2) Placement and visits:

a)        Visits to Harm reduction in general practice clinics and in specialized centres

b)        Visits to several government and private drug rehabilitation centres in Malaysia

c)         Visits to drug analysis and identification laboratory and psychiatric research centre.


Course Duration

The course will be conducted continuously for a period of 4 weeks. This duration includes visits and research activities. The research activities and further attachment are optional for those who wanted to complete one year fellowship program.


Completion of this Fellowship will result in the award of a University Malaya Centre of Addiction Science (UMCAS) certification and endorsed by

  • University Malaya (UM)
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)