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Fellowship in Addiction Medicine 2018




Outline Course Details

The Fellowship in Addiction Medicine programme started in January 2010.

It’s offered the best combination between lecturing, theory and actual practical activities in this programme.

To preserve the quality of the courses, only limited seat available for each intake. This is an excellent opportunity to all participants mastering the complex addiction science within reasonable time frame and fees.





1) Lectures

a)        Presentation of country report

b)        Drug policy and treatment the Malaysia approach

c)         Relapse prevention and Motivational enhancement therapy

d)        Harm reduction and maintenance therapy

e)         Psychopharmacology of drug addiction which include pharmacokinetics and toxicology studies



2) Placement and visits:

a)        Visits to Harm reduction in general practice clinics and in specialized centres

b)        Visits to several government and private drug rehabilitation centres in Malaysia

c)         Visits to drug analysis and identification laboratory and psychiatric research centre.



Course Duration

The course will be conducted continuously for a period of 4 weeks. This duration includes visits and research activities. The research activities and further attachment are optional for those who wanted to complete one year fellowship program.


Completion of this Fellowship will result in the award of a University Malaya Centre of Addiction Science (UMCAS) certification and endorsed by

  • University Malaya (UM)
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)




Course Activities

  • Expertise in the assessment, therapy, rehabilitation and management of complex problems in addiction psychiatry using a holistic multidisciplinary approach.
  • Plan for the organization and implementation of care in addiction psychiatry including in the development of policies, programme and services for the promotion of mental health of the elderly.
  • Involvement in research on addictions problems & mental health.
  • To further develop skills in taking a comprehensive heroin, stimulant and hallucinogen groups, tobacco, and other drug history, including assessing other psychiatric and medical conditions, interviewing family members, breaking through denial with the patient and / or family member, and establishing a therapeutic alliance. Focus on evaluating the dually diagnosed adolescent and adult with individualized case formulation and treatment planning.
  • To develop acute and long-term management strategies, including types of treatment modalities and expected outcomes;
  • To gain experience in individual and group therapy with adult and adolescent substance abusers and dually diagnosed in the early stages of recovery.
  • To gain knowledge in the recognition and treatment of heroin, stimulant and hallucinogen groups, tobacco, and other drug withdrawal syndromes and the acute management of intoxication, withdrawal, and overdose.
  • To integrate direct experience in the use of self-help groups in developing effective attitudes for clinical and professional success.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of intervention strategies for motivating addicted persons to seek appropriate treatment and its adaptation for an adolescent population.




  • The candidate must be currently working in related discipline and hold either medical or nursing degrees.
  • Permission to join the program must be granted by their ministries and head of departments.
  • The candidate is responsible for their expenses during the program. Funding from non-governmental bodies must be approved by the UMCAS Admission Committee.
  • They must be willing to be in the program and follow any regulations set by UMCAS.
  • The selected candidates will be required to forward an essay of about 1000 words on the services and drug policy approach in their respective countries.
  • The fellowship certificate will be awarded by UMCAS after the fulfilment of the course requirement.


Fees (course fees only)

(Kindly contact secretariat for further details)


Course Duration      : 4 weeks

Date                           : Kindly contact secretariat for latest schedule




Details of programme available at   : https://umcas.um.edu.my/ 



Programme  : Dr. Rusdi Abd Rashid

Email               : rusdirashid@gmail.com

Contact No   : +6 013 355 6891


Training Coordinator: Naimah Salleh

Email                           : naimah@um.edu.my

Contact No               : +6 019 2611579


Registration & Information

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