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Welcome to MHAC 2nd Meeting. This is the second international conference established and inaugurated by  University Malaya Centre of Addiction Sciences (UMCAS).


As a field of addiction develops rapidly, it is necessary to keep ourselves updated to ensure that we are able to provide comprehensive service to our patients. As more and more evidence supporting medical treatment for addiction becomes available, it is also vital for us to critically examine the choices for treatment. The co-organisers for this conference isPersatuan Doktor –doktor Islam Malaysia (PERDIM). The theme for this conference is “ Mental Health -New Definition? ”. In this meeting, experts in the field will share updates on the issues related to Mental Health and behavioral addictions. This meeting will mainly focus on issues surrounding the latest comprehensive methods for Mental illness and treatment, problems related to non-chemical addictions such as pathological gambling and internet addiction, ADHD/Autism, Mental Health in School , effective management of problems related to drug and non-chemical addictions, medical problems associated with addictions such as HIV and hepatitis, and social impacts as a result of addiction.