Intensive Training Course : Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Dependence

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Intensive Training Course : Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Dependence 

for Doctors and others involved in AMT & MMT programme




  To provide one (1) day intensive training in managing heroin dependence disorders.

  •   To deliver hands-on knowledge and experiences directly from clinical specialist who actively involved with five major pilot Assisted Medication Therapy (AMT) programs in        Malaysia.
  •   To establish networking and support among general practitioners, specialists and other services providers.


Plus site clinical references according to national accreditation standard  before qualified in providing treatment via Methadone Maintenance Therapy to the end user.


CONTENT:  The  pharmacology  of  drugs  misuse,  pharmacological  treatments  for  withdrawal, abstinence and substitution. Monitoring and evaluation.


FOR: For doctors; psychologists, paramedics (Staff Nurses and Medical Assistants), pharmacists and other relevant personnel who want to work and involve in harm reduction programme of MMT.